Every good service starts from an appointment, regardless it’s a dental clinic or car workshop. At this point, the business turns contact with a customer into bountiful relationships either reputation loss. Thus, it should be clear, providing vast information, and friendly with every user, including seniors and non-tech people.


While the entire world is focused on the usual public clouds the private ones are behind the scene. We’re going to look into that to figure out the purpose of usage.

Private cloud is a computing services provider for a particular organization or business, also called an internal or corporate…

If you’ve already spent several minutes on UKAD’s blog, you should get out that we love Umbraco. Overall, it’s a very flexible CMS allowing us to use it for literally everything. For example, e-Learning solutions in which we are masters. As examples of our approach in eLearning development with Umbraco…


We are a Software Development team based in Ukraine. Here we are sharing some insights, tips and inspiration. More about us at ukad-group.com

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