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In 2020, it was almost impossible to find a project without IaC, microservices, blockchain, VR, and other stuff from the description, as well as without AWS, Azure, or GCloud mentioned in the tech stack. And it’s really cool! Progress does not standstill. We grow, so our projects do, here come more comfortable and useful tools for solving modern problems.

It could be an introduction to this article, but I’ve got several talks with colleagues, took a look at my projects, and understood my misconception. There are lots of projects with a relic tech stack that also require maintenance.

For some…

Every good service starts from an appointment, regardless it’s a dental clinic or car workshop. At this point, the business turns contact with a customer into bountiful relationships either reputation loss. Thus, it should be clear, providing vast information, and friendly with every user, including seniors and non-tech people.

For small companies, like family businesses or so, it’s not a big deal to use appointment services or even Google Forms. But when you grow big, and standard prices and fees like several bucks for an appointment are too high, the idea of having your own custom solution comes.

UKAD’s take on Appointment Systems

As every…

To be short — LMS is a platform for online education. In other words, it is software designed for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. A bit of a long list of features, am I right? But that is totally true because such platforms contain a huge amount of functionality inside.

Let’s discover how LMS abbreviature can be explained:

L means Learning. Definitely, it is the place where students or somebody else can learn something. …

When a customer chooses a provider of software development services, one of the important selection criteria is the balance between team expertise and solution budget. If the planned project is quite large or complicated, IT companies often include a business analyst to the development team. And it’s the moment when the customer meets a question:

Why should we add a business analyst?

Undoubtedly, the customer is ready to purchase the development services itself, because it provides a visible result — a functioning software solution. But sometimes, the customer does not have a clear idea of what he pays for during this phase of the project.

A business…

No matter how much we try to prevent it, problems and issues have a way of making themselves present in our business. It’s unavoidable, almost non-negotiable. While it is a normal occurrence, we must do what we can to make sure they’re only experienced once .

When the usual software just can’t seem to cut it, we look for custom solutions to get it done . Custom software development is a great investment to keep your operations in tip-top shape and simultaneously make life easier and more efficient.

UKAD’s 15-year journey has provided us with the knowledge and experience to…

Covid — 19 has been front and center of our lives in 2020, wreaking havoc in both the offline and online world. When it comes to the offline world, lockdowns have become the new normal, people are being quarantined left, and right, businesses are shutting down, remote-working is in, a mask is mandatory, and so forth. In short, “anything that could go wrong in the offline world has gone wrong.” Yes, correct Murphy Law’s.

Thankfully, things are quite the contrary in the online world. Online businesses are blossoming to the point that handling orders have become a headache for the…

While the entire world is focused on the usual public clouds the private ones are behind the scene. We’re going to look into that to figure out the purpose of usage.

Private cloud is a computing services provider for a particular organization or business, also called an internal or corporate cloud. Basically, it offers high-level security of the organization’s sensitive data. Since the private cloud is hosted on-premise the access might be shared within the internal network and data is stored on the corporate hardware.

However, besides the high level of security it has the following benefits:

  1. Flexibility, you can…

In this article, we want to share an idea of reducing the costs for support and development of the outdated app. As we all know, regular updates of mobile applications is a vital part of their lifecycle, which allows keeping market positions, implementing additional features, and of course, improving financial performance. So, when you find it’s a high time to update your service, here’s a possible way to make it better.

As soon as we care not only about the technical side of solutions but also of business value, one of our valuable knowhows is the replacement of separate mobile…

While managing our website, I’ve got a question: how to spend less time on different minor actions. Such as digging into the pile of alike pictures, which is one of the most painful things for everyone managing content. So, I got interested in Digital Assets Management applications — the software solutions used to catalog, store and, sometimes, edit multimedia files.

What is DAM and when do you need it?

DAM or Digital Asset Manager software is a quite popular solution commonly used by a wide range of companies in many areas. They work as a real library collecting books, postcards, and magazines and providing controlled access, but with audio…

If you’ve already spent several minutes on UKAD’s blog, you should get out that we love Umbraco. Overall, it’s a very flexible CMS allowing us to use it for literally everything. For example, e-Learning solutions in which we are masters. As examples of our approach in eLearning development with Umbraco, we’d like to use Improve Educations, the platform developed for Swedish customers to train fitness instructors using bytes of content grouped in courses and chapters with a kind of examination at the finish. …


We are a Software Development team based in Ukraine. Here we are sharing some insights, tips and inspiration. More about us at

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